Sam Hazledine



Sam is an in demand keynote speaker, whose energy and enthusiasm combined with his proven and much decorated business experience form a winning combination. He truly epitomizes a speaker who can walk the talk!

Sam is an entrepreneur, acclaimed author, doctor, athlete and international speaker - he is also regarded as one of the brightest young business minds in the country.

The Ernst & Young – Young Entrepreneur of the Year and Sir Peter Blake Leader is the founder and Managing Director of Australasia’s fastest growing recruitment company, MedRecruit, which has featured in the Deloitte Fast 50 as the fastest growing service business in the country.

Sam believes that success lies at the intersection of mindset and action, he is passionate about lifting people’s sights so they can see what’s possible, and sharing the lessons he has learned to get anyone into that sweet spot, where success becomes inevitable.

Sam is the author of Head First - The Seven Habits of Highly Successful Doctors, and Unfair Fight – Give Your Small Business the Winning Advantage.

In 2014 Sam was awarded the Sir Peter Blake Leadership Award.


The The Foundations of Success

Creating a High-Performance Cultures

Excellence not Balance

Medical Industry



M. +64 21 466 733