PAllas Hupe COtter





Book an Emmy award-winning former tv news anchor and reporter for your next event. Now a professional speaker, broadcaster, writer and mentor, Pallas was named New Zealand’s Brightstar Emerging Speaker in 2017.

After moving to New Zealand from the USA in 2012, she turned her passion for communication, connection and contribution to community into a powerful POP Process®️, helping people define and express their passion, purpose and personality. Pallas is now on a mission to help 100,000 people worldwide lead lives that POP.

Pallas speaks professionally about:

  • How to lead a life that POPs

  • How to polish your personal brand & position yourself strategically

  • How to build confidence by owning your value & not sell yourself short

  • How to create a culture of engagement & self-motivation

  • How to lead an Extraordinary Life

As a bonus, when you book Pallas, you also get exclusive access to her coaching.

She will offer your top three executives or sales staff - whoever is a brand ambassador for your company - customised polishing of their personal brands. Pallas crafts LinkedIn profile summaries on the spot and helps clients get more comfortable in front of the camera or crowds.



M. +64 21 466 733