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Introducing Otis and Sarah! When they were in the States in August 2011, they were struck by the amount of tasty and diverse food available from food trucks. Not just any old trucks – super cool, funky eateries on wheels.

As passionate home cooks, they thought it'd be cool to do something similar in New Zealand. The food truck concept is HUGE in the States, and gaining momentum in Australia, but hasn't really hit Aotearoa yet. There are a few popping up, but none of them have the same aesthetic as the classic Californian Taco Trucks.

There were hiccups, set-backs and delays. BUT, they did it. On May 14th 2013, they launched  The Lucky Taco. The rest as they say is history


E. shaun@essentialtalent.co.nz

M. +64 21 466 733