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When Mike was appointed as Head Coach of the Blackcaps in 2012, he was considered an outsider by many having never played international cricket. However, he had a clear vision of reaching the Cricket World Cup 2015 final and a meticulous plan to achieve that vision which the Blackcaps communicated, bringing the entire nation along with them. New Zealand rose from a ranking of eighth in the world to being one win away from being world champions. Since then, New Zealand cricket’s longest-serving, and by many considered its most successful coach, has earned an international reputation as a leader who achieves results without sacrificing on culture. Business is not a sport, but great coaching is just as important to success in the office, as it is to success on the field. Mike’s insights apply from managing organisations to international sports teams, from senior executives to captains, from employees to players alike.

Mike can speak authoritatively on culture and leadership, including topics such as:

  • Making a clear vision materialise
  • Performance preparation o Selecting the right personnel to deliver the team strategy
  • Embodying a winning culture that all team members buy into o Communication to generate clear support o Surviving and thriving in a high performance environment

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M. +64 21 466 733