SPORT Speaker


Mark specializes in Keynote Addresses using mountaineering as a metaphor for business and life, utilising his wide experience in the mountains, vineyards and boardrooms. Thousands have been inspired by his story of success in the face of adversity and have been motivated to achieve excellence in their own lives.

To listen to the ideas and proven research on how we can function better, either as individuals or as members of an organisational culture, is great. But even more powerful is the opportunity to see these lessons in action, to get an understanding of where you and your organisation are relative to the gold standard, and to receive feedback and support on how to become even better.

In order to achieve this, Mark has developed a range of learning programs to work alongside his Keynote Address, to meet the needs of organisations and businesses both in New Zealand and overseas.

These programs use innovative and fun simulations, we can still be challenged in our thinking and learn the lessons without putting our bodies on the line.

The main benefit of these programs is a greater awareness and respect of the people around us and an increased ability to sort assumptions and heresay from fact - all things that mean a more efficient and profitable working culture.

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