Mark Bunting



Conference Speaker



Waikato’s premier MC, Mark Bunting has been on stage presenting to hundreds of thousands. A skilled radio and TV presenter, Mark is as comfortable hosting 80 thousand people at “Night-Glow” as he is spinning a chocolate wheel at a school fair.

Mark is a celebrity speaker who has plenty of experience hosting multi day conferences

Mark is passionate about being the most situation-appropriate MC in New Zealand. He is quick witted, adaptable and extremely professional. Mark has hosted regional business awards, numerous high-level corporate awards ceremonies, University Blues awards, national sports events, openings, closings, conferences, mayoral inaugurations, long lunches, outdoor and indoor orchestral events, concerts, national music awards, civic events, church carol evenings, cooking competitions, street parties, fun runs, movie premieres and more – and people keep asking him back to do it all again! He was even heckled by the Prime Minister while opening a cycleway. Mark has won many national radio awards and has topped radio ratings both locally and nationally but it is the joy of an event running perfectly and to time that really spins his wheels.



M. +64 21 466 733