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The incredible Lisa Tamati joins ET.

Lisa has over 10 years experience as a motivational speaker and presenter.

She has worked as a presenter and speaker in over 10 different countries.

In 1997 Lisa was invited to take part in a four-person expedition across the Libyan desert on a 250km unsupported trek that had to fly under the radar due to an unstable political and military situation. The draw of this incredibly beautiful and untouched part of the Sahara was worth the risk. 

Equipped with only 2 litres of water a day (that was all they could carry), and with backpacks weighing over 35kg, they set off. It was to be a an adventure that would change her life. 

Physically pushing her body beyond the limits, it would take her nearly two years to fully recover, but it sparked a love for the desert that drew her back to the sand many times after.

Today, however, it is not only deserts that draw her but geographies across the globe. Lisa believes that there is so much more to explore, to learn; more limits to push and more people to inspire.

Lisa is also a business woman who is Director of five  companies. She is a passionate Contemporary Jewellery Artist and has owned retail/wholesale operations in Austria and New Zealand (New Plymouth and Wellington).



M. +64 21 466 733