Dr Tom Mulholland


Motivational speaker

Health and fitness


Dr Tom Mulholland has been a mental health advocate and expert since he first did a study and report, “Is Suicide Predictable and Preventable” while at Medical School in Christchurch in 1985. He went on two write 2 international best selling books on Healthy Thinking and was made an honorary lecturer in psychological medicine at the University of Auckland. He has given hundreds of mental health presentations globally to the likes of Google, Microsoft and Hilton. He has been an Emergency Department Doctor for 30 years and been in the front line of Hospital Mental Health and worked on a Community Mental Health Acute Crisis Team.


Keynote Presentations

In his keynote presentations which are humorous, engaging, compelling and life changing Dr Tom outlines:

  • How to measure, monitor and manage mental health.

  • Mental software, hardware and neuropsychology

  • Simple tools for improving mental health at work and home

  • The difference between the way men and women think

  • Healthy Thinking tools such as TwiG and Cognitive switching to Disengage the “Grumpy Unit” including ourselves

  • How to deal with difficult people

  • The basis of emotions and emotional control

  • How to relate better to each other and our families to improve workplace and community health

  • How to change our attitudes, reduce risk and improve productivity

Dr Tom has developed a wellbeing app called KYND which measures physical, mental and social health. 

Other presentations include:

  • Live fast, die old and have a good looking corpse, how to Live to 100 and stay out of the ED.

  • My life, a series of disasters linked together with unblinding enthusiasm. Epic tales of arctic and Antarctic adventures, Tsunamis, heliboarding in Grenland and the depths of depression


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