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Diana combines 25 years of experience in business, as a commercial property manager, International Relocations Consultant and public speaking coach. 

Internationally trained speaker, Diana has helped individuals, companies and teams raise to the challenge of making public speaking skills a cores soft skill for the 21st Century.  She is the self proclaimed Women’s Public Speaking Coach in New Zealand and focuses on helping women speak and be heard. Diana brings humour to this challenging subject, her personal story will sound familiar to many who have taken time out to have a family, but also to those that are lacking the confidence to speak up.  She hopes to inspire women and men to mentor and coach others to take opportunities to speak.

She is co-owner of She Says So Women’s Speaking Community, is a Certified DiSC Trainer and her first book – The Naked Speaker will be published in July 2019.

 She reframes the concept of public speaking as an everyday skill that all people have and guides audiences up a ‘staircase of speaking’ whether they crawl, walk or run up it.

She is an accomplished MC, lively and fun, with a unique ability to evaluate speeches and presentations and review them with the audience to increase retention and engagement.  She can even help the speakers at events beforehand to prepare. 


She speaks on:

Why helping women speak up benefits everyone

How to help women speak up when they need to be heard

The Public Speaking Self Confidence Cycle – you can start anywhere

As an MC Diana has two unique skills:

1.  She can coach/ train / help speakers for the event. Before, during and even after!

2.  She is an excellent (award winning)  Speech Evaluator.  She can evaluate and discuss a presentation or speech immediately afterwards to help audience retention and conference / event engagement.


E. shaun@essentialtalent.co.nz

M. +64 21 466 733