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Motivational Speaker

Professional wakeboarder Brad Smeele dedicated more than half of his life to perfecting his craft, and as a result he quickly became known as an innovator due to the level in which he pushed the limits of the sport. After claiming two Junior World titles he also became one of the first in the world to land a 1080. As his career progressed he continued to push the sport with world firsts; such as the 22ft spillway step up and the multiple double flip combinations featured in the award-winning film ‘Prime’.

Brad then won the 2014 trick of the year award with the worlds first double tantrum (back flip) to blind over a mega ramp. Unfortunately, just weeks later, Brad took a heavy crash attempting to land that same trick again, resulting in him breaking his neck, leaving him a quadriplegic.

Brad now inspires people worldwide with his tenacity to not only regain movement, but also to live a full and action packed life, regardless of his debilitating injury. He has remained involved in his sport as a commentator at international wakeboarding events.

A greater purpose has also been found in Brads life – he is now a motivational speaker at schools, as well as charity and corporate events, inspiring people of all ages through his story of resilience and how he found happiness after his life changing injury.

He’s also passionate about raising awareness and funding for spinal cord injury research, and helping others facing similar life changing circumstances.

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Speaking Experience

February 2015  |  Tairua Primary School
20 minute talk to approximately 100 kids ages 5-12

December 2015  |  Auckland Grammar InZone boarding house
20 minute talk to an audience of approximately 40 students

July 2016  |  Allied Medical
30 minute talk to an audience of approximately 40 people

September 2016  |  Wakeboarding Mag’s Wake Awards
Hosting the hour long wakeboarding awards in front of approximately 1,000 people

November 2016  |  Nautiques NZ Grand Opening
15 minute Talk about my journey, NZ wakeboarding, and the opening of Nautiques new showroom. 50 people

January 2017  |  Canon – Kickoff conference
40 minute talk to an audience of approximately 250 Canon NZ employees

August 2017  |  The Association Conference
40 minute talk to an audience of people in the insurance industry. Approximately 100 people

December 2017  |  Air New Zealand Health & Safety Conference
Keynote speaker to an audience of 250+ in Auckland and then 100+ in Christchurch

February 2019  |  Takapuna Grammar
Motivational talk to year 12 health classes. Around 40 teenagers

March 2019  |  INFINZ Young Finance Professionals Conference
Keynote speaker to an audience of young financial professionals ages 20-30. Approximately 60 people

March 2019  |  Westlake Girls Grammar
Motivational talk to year 12 health classes. Around 40 teenagers

March 2019  |  Waikato Stud
Keynote speech on Resilience to the Waikato Stud team. Around 40 people.


Awards and Acknowledgements


  • 2004 and 2005 Junior World Wakeboarding Champion

  • Recipient of the 2013 international wakeboard announcer of the year award

  • 2014 Wakeboarding Magazines Trick of the year award winner

  • #1 in Wakeboarding Magazines 2014 Readers Poll


  • 6 months of Toastmasters training

  • Co-host of the 2016 Wakeboarding Magazines Wake Awards

  • MC of the 2017 WWA Wake Open

  • Co-host of the 2017 WWA World Series Rundown