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 Having spent 20 years in highly stressful management positions all over the globe, Ani was diagnosed with Stress induced stage three cancer for the 2nd time in her career.  

Ani was a manager who was told to slow down - to “chill out”.

But being a Type A overachiever, Ani knew that slowing down would go against her very nature and was determined in finding a more fitting answer.  Qualifying as a Stress Mastery Coach, Executive Life Coach and Meditation teacher, Ani quickly realised that mindfulness was not enough.  

Leveraging her neuroscience background, Ani reignited her passion for the human brain and began her own research only to find that ‘slowing down’ was actually detrimental to the circuitry within a high performers brain.

Ani now travels the globe mentoring and speaking to audiences about the merits of their own high performing personalities, teaching business owners and managers how to change their stress instantly, by using Brain Hacking techniques that physically rewire the brain to promote exponential mental performance.  

Ani has a book coming out in September (Unbreakable Leadership), and provides Elite Coaching to overachievers on the brink of burnout.  

Ani’s speeches are filled with fast-paced, light-hearted facts, timely research and thought provoking stories.  When you book Ani, be prepared for laughter, tears and engaging interaction that will have your audiences raving well after your event.




M. +64 21 466 733


Other Interesting Facts

Ani is the author of an Upcoming Book - ‘Unbreakable Leadership - An Overachievers Guide to Mental Stamina & Performance Without Burning Out’ due out in September 2018.  Filled with over 100 brain hacks, stress hacks and bio hacks to succinctly direct the reader to optimal mental performance whilst avoiding stress and burnout along that path.

Ani is the founder of the ‘Unbreakable’ Youtube channel and iTunes weekly podcast, dedicated to interviewing world-class neuroscientists and high performers who have succeeded in the face of extreme stress.  She is often interviewed on NZ TV in all aspects of Brain Health, and some of her media appearances can be found here:

Ani is also the Chair of the National Speakers Association 2019 Conference and is a board member of the NSANZ.