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Stylist, fashion designer, author, lifestyle guru and full time mother are only some of the titles held by Angela Stone. The founder of Angela Stone Consulting Ltd, one of New Zealand’s most successful and comprehensive stylist service providers. Angela is a prominent personality and organiser of many fashion focused shows in New Zealand. Angela’s repertoire includes being the Director of her exclusive fashion styling school and Fashion Coordinator of the Riccarton Races for the New Zealand Cup and Show Week. Adding to her tremendous success in the fashion styling field, Angela Stone has branched out into the world of design creating premium tailored clothing for the women of New Zealand. The Angela Stone brand also provides a wide range of informative and entertaining e-books for anyone looking to step foot in the fashion industry. Having created an illustrious and hugely successful fashion career in New Zealand has garnered an impressive list of clients ranging from business leaders to television personalities. Today, she is making our very own backyard a more fashionable place by offering her celebrated fashion styling services to the people of New Zealand.



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Angela Stone started her modelling career at the tender age of 14. Working with top retailers and international brands led to her traveling to fashion capitols such as Sydney, Melbourne, Milan and London. It was through the world of modelling that she gained knowledge and expertise on fashion styling. Angela not only had the international modelling credentials to back up her fashion empire, she was also an exceptional Agency Director. At the fresh age of 21 and upon her permanent return to New Zealand, she created and opened the doors of Portfolio Model Agency. Under her guidance, Portfolio Model Agency quickly became well regarded in New Zealand. Angela sold the agency at 28 and started her styling business.


Of the many attributes accredited to her success, Angela keeps her family at the top of her list. Raised by her grandmother, Angela and her twin brother had a mother who suffered from depression; a subsequent of this was her brother also suffering from mental illness. When her mother tragically took her life in 2003, Angela had to find the strength to move forward.  Within a fortnight of the tragedy she became ill with Meningitis, Angela calls this a trying time “I was very sick and needed a lot of time to recover from the stress of losing my mother,” this was also a time to delve deeper and think about the direction of her life. Angela’s children are Laura 26, Oliver 24, Isabella 20, Eva 18 and Theo 16 years old. 

In 2008 Angela started work with the largest army base in New Zealand’s south island: Burnham Military camp working with Limited Service Volunteers (LSV), a programme that focuses on offering a mix of military based fitness training and life skills coaching for young people who are at risk of slipping into the ranks of long-term unemployment. Some of the key fundamentals of this course are self-confidence, co-operation and pride which were exactly what Angela brought to the table. She empowered young people through her own personal experiences to make positive decisions which could change their lives and launch them into a job or further training. Christchurch was a safe haven for Angela until the earthquakes in 2011 which led to the loss of her office in Central Christchurch. Being the quick thinker that she is, Angela began to manufacture clothing in Christchurch only 2 weeks after the earthquakes. Angela also commutes to Auckland from Christchurch on a weekly basis maintaining clients all around New Zealand.

Angela started the very first Fashion Styling school in New Zealand. A short two years later, the success of the course led to the first online e-course for fashion styling. Today Angela runs styling courses throughout New Zealand and Australia. Angela also conducted a 2.5 year contract as the grooming provider for Air New Zealand. Unstoppable by nature, Angela has now created Teen Style & Etiquette courses working with schools and talking to students about mental health and how anyone can create the life they want regardless of the challenges they have surrounding them. She educate students on grooming and presentation skills, helping improve their confidence, self-belief and self-esteem. There is no stopping Angela Stone and her Midas touch, with so much more to come we can only watch this space.